Outstanding job by our Dispatchers 4/17/18


Our dispatchers have proven to be the vital link between emergency services and the community. Through their knowledge, skills, abilities and ongoing training our Emergency Communication Specialists have done an outstanding job in caring for the citizens of Jefferson County. We would like to share a couple of our successes from the past month. 


Emergency Communication Specialist, Paige Wilson, successfully delivered her first baby over the phone following our established protocols and training guidelines. The mother and a friend were rushing to the hospital when they realized the baby had other ideas about her arrival time. They pulled the vehicle over to dial 911. Paige answered the call with confidence and walked them through the safe delivery of the baby girl before paramedics had even arrived on the scene.  Paige did a phenomenal job providing step-by-step instructions. To commemorate this wonderful day, she received Jeffcom 911’s first pink stork pin, symbolizing the successful delivery of a baby. Thank you, Paige!



 On April 16th, Jeffcom 911 received a 911 call from a mother in Wheat Ridge stating that her 1-month old baby was not breathing.  Emergency Communication Specialist, Makenzie Northern, quickly gathered information for immediate dispatch of emergency responders.  While responders were en route, Makenzie remained on the line and gave the mother CPR instructions, keeping the mother calm and on task.  Responders arrived while mom was performing CPR and took over.  The baby was transported to the hospital and is now in stable condition. Our friends at Arvada Fire tell us that Makenzie provided a quality level of CPR and that was the first step during a difficult situation. Makenzie’s actions on the phone were instrumental in saving the baby’s life. Makenzie will receive our first Jeffcom 911 life-saving pin. Thank you, Makenzie!

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