Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I see what’s going on with Jeffcom 911 news and updates?

Please feel free to visit the other pages on this website, including our Agendas/Minutes page which will include updates from our Board meetings.


How do I know if it is an emergency?

An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire department, or ambulance.  Examples of emergency situations include:

  • a fire,
  • a crime (especially if in progress),
  • a car crash (especially if someone is injured), or
  • a medical emergency, especially symptoms that require immediate medical attention.


Why do I have to answer so many questions when I call 911?

Our 911 dispatch Emergency Communications Specialists (ECS) are highly trained to gather the relevant information from you in order to ensure that we send out the right kind of services to assist you, whether that is an ambulance, police, firefighters, or a combination of all three.  We have specific information that we need in order to ensure that you are given the help you need.  We also have things we can have you do in order to manage your situation until help arrives.


What do I do if I, or my child, dial 911 by accident?

We are required to respond to all 911 calls.  If you call us by accident, please let us know that so we can cancel the call, and not send out emergency responders to your location.  We won’t be upset to know you are OK and called 911 in error.