About Us

Our Mission

Jeffcom is the vital link between emergency services and the Jefferson County community.

Our Vision

To be a leading example of a consolidated communications center by providing excellence in service to our community, responders, and employees.

Our Code of Ethics

As an Emergency Communications Specialist, I regard myself as a member of an important and honorable profession.  I will recognize that I am a public servant with a duty to serve.  I will obey all laws and regulations and avoid any conduct unbecoming of my profession.  I will contribute to our agency culture and respect our Core Values.  I will establish and maintain honorable relationships with those who rely on our professional skills and judgment.  I will give the most efficient and impartial service of which I am capable of at all times.

Jeffcom Board of Directors

The Arvada, West Metro and Evergreen Fire Protection Districts, the Cities of Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Golden and Lakewood, and the Jefferson County Sherif’s Office have established the Jefferson County Communications Center Authority, doing business as Jeffcom, by an Intergovernmental Agreement pursuant to Section 29-1-203, C.R.S., effective June 29, 2016.  Each Member entity has a Board Member on the Jeffcom Board of Directors; each Board Member is lawfully authorized to establish, operate and provide an emergency services communications and dispatching center.

Our Current Board:

 Jeffcom Management Team

  • Jeff Streeter, Executive Director
  • Jodi Malpass, CMCP – Law Enforcement Operations Manager
  • Karyn Kretzel, ENP – Fire Operations Manager
  • Vicki Pickett, ENP – Call-Taking Operations Manager