9/20/18- Record of Proceedings-Board of Directors Meeting


Record of Proceedings

Jefferson County Communications Center Authority

Board of Directors

September 20, 2018, 9:00 am

433 S. Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80226


The board meeting of the Jefferson County Communications Center Authority (Jeffcom) was called to order by Dan Brennan at 9:02am. This meeting was held in accordance with the applicable statutes of the state of Colorado, at 433 S. Allison Parkway, Lakewood, Colorado.


President Jon Greer (Arvada Fire)Not Present                                  (Proxy Mike Piper) Present

Vice President Jeff Shrader (Jeffco Sheriff’s Office) Not Present   (Proxy Dan Gard) Present

Secretary/Treasurer Daniel Brennan (Wheat Ridge PD) Present

Member Link Strate (Arvada PD) Present

Member Mike Weege (EFD) Not Present                                            (Proxy Dave Montesi) Present

Member Bill Kilpatrick (Golden PD) Present

Member Dan McCasky (Lakewood PD) Present

Member Don Lombardi (West Metro Fire) Not Present                  (Proxy Mark Krapf) Present

III. PUBLIC COMMENT – (Limited to 3 minutes each)

  • Cheryl Hutchinson: I’m here to speak on the ordinance. You work with police and fire. You know that a union can help and instead are spending money on a consulting group. We are willing to work with you instead of spending money on a consulting agency. This is helping the citizens, fire and police. They all have unions. Why can you not give this center the same thing? Please let us work with you.
  • Josh Downey: Denver labor federation. We represent police in Denver metro area. There were several questions on the collective bargaining. A union is at their best when employees and employers work together and that’s what we are all about. I want to highlight Kaiser. The call center is 550 employees strong. We are not about bashing employers for the sake of doing so. It is necessary to allow them to have a voice.
  • Robert Lindgren: I urge you to give these employees a voice on the job because when you meet together with them they can have a voice to express the concerns of the job.
  • Rich Meisinger: Jeffco resident. I was appalled by some of the comments made up here. The board still controls the labor management team. If you want to allow them to have a voice they need to have a union. It sounds like there was plenty of time to change this and it hasn’t changed. I’m concerned as a citizen of Jeffco.
  • Nick Hochstedler: I’ve been working with this group since August of 2016. I am here to emphasize the need for a union. You have passively chosen to ignore their request by opting to create an advisory board and bring in an independent consultant. AFSCME was promised that we would receive a follow up from the board about their decision. Instead, you relayed on your workers to relay this information.

The workers communicated to me that they were dissatisfied with your response. Many of the workers are discouraged by your recent decision.

We will not go away and this will take as long or as short as you want it to take. We will continue to escalate until you realize that recognizing AFSCME Colorado as the exclusive collective bargaining agent is the best option for the center.


MOTION: It was moved by and Dan McCasky seconded by Link Strate to approve the record of proceedings of the work session for the board of directors dated August 16 & 28, 2018. The motion was voted upon and carried.


A.   Financial and Budget Update – (CRS) Community Resource of Colorado Ms. Angie Kelly

  • August Statement and Update on Expenses
  • We are generally looking pretty good on the budget. We have received another payment from JCECA. Revenue is looking good and 4th quarter billing has already been sent out.
  • Expenditures: Consultants are at 81%. Dues and Memberships are at 102% but we are paid for the year. Hardware is at 0%. Some of these won’t hit until the 4th quarter. Meetings and office expenses that did come half back as a reimbursement from JCECA. Insurance is a one-time payment, as well as the UPS.
  • Total operating expenses are at 72%. Employment expense we are at 46% this year. We are at 51% of our total expenditures for the year. Generally speaking, ending fund balance YTD is $500,000 to the good for revenue.
  • The cash position reflects the $700,000 that we got from JCECA. Our unrestricted cash balance is $2.4 million.
  • Update to the 2019 Draft Budget
  • This is our most recent draft budget for 2019. We are narrowing down user fees. We will be getting 6.5 million from JCECA next year.
  • We dropped some categories. The main item that is still under consideration is the salaries and benefits piece. The Jeffcom staff is working at categorizing ECS 1,2,3 so we can get these numbers a little bit closer. At the October meeting we will be bringing to you a final budget.
  • Kathryn Winn is going through our salaries and making sure they are consistent with the job descriptions. We are also having Mountain States do the same analysis. Once we set these salaries I think that number will come down and standardize. We will stay consistent in evaluation salaries year to year.

B.    Executive Director Update – Executive Director Jeff Streeter

  • Benefits Presentation- Jim Hermann
  • We look at the pool as a whole to see what the group needs. But then we look at each group’s claim utilization. The claim activity was higher than expected. This puts us in the Tier 5 category. There was a 10% overall renewal for next year.
  • The staff is very pleased with the health coverage through this plan. Jeffcom would like to come back next year and reevaluate other plans next year.
  • In terms of wellness benefits for Jeffcom employees, we are offering flu shots as well as a gym membership at a reduced rate.
  • Hiring Update- Gabrielle Rathfon
  • We have 86 Emergency Communications Specialists. Monday we are bringing in 7 new hires. October 29th: 5 more new hires. Nov. 26th we will bringing on 15 more.
  • We are doing 4 full days of hiring with 40 candidates for that. We have conditional offers for those that are starting in Oct. We will be very aggressive with a group of 15 in November, so we move closer to that number on being fully staffed. Our standards for hiring will remain high. With no turn over we will be at 113 ECS employees.
  • We have lost 29 Full Time employees since January 1st.
    • Jeff Streeter reached out to consultants to meet with our staff and do focus groups to gain information from our employees and get a report back to us.
    • We have taken letters of interest for the Advising Planning Teams and we have received 20 of those letters. We are sending a survey out to have the employees pick who they would like to be on the Strategic Planning team. The rest of those 20 will be used in sub-planning teams.
  • Deputy Director Position-Jeff Streeter
  • I have met with Integrated People’s Solutions to discuss them doing our search and have a contract from them for 33% of the base salary. Our purchasing policies cap us at $35,000. Anything above that we have to go to a formal bid process. I have gotten three quotes from outside entities, all of which are falling in at the 33% of the base salary. IPS is our first choice.
  • I’m asking the board to take a vote to move past the purchasing policy and approve me to move forward with Integrated People’s Solutions. If not, I can take this to an RFP. If we go out to a formal bid and then authorize him to choose from the contracts that come in this would push us back to 2019.

We had budgeted for a Deputy Director in the 2018.

  • The legal risks are pretty low if we waive our policy.

MOTION: It was moved by Dan McCasky seconded by Link Strate to allow the Executive Director to enter a contract with Integrated People’s Solution to begin a search for a Deputy Director. This would be an exception to our policies. The motion was voted upon, all were in favor. The motion carried.

C.    Legal Update – Mrs. Kathryn Winn

  • Review and Approval of Resolution No. 2018-08

We have a resolution for your consideration. It is for a change on your Holiday time offered to employees. They are only able to use holiday time in 4-hour increments, but we want to allow them to use it in less than 4- hours so they can use the remaining time at their discretion.

MOTION: It was moved by Link Strate and seconded by Dan McCasky to approve Resolution 2018-08. The motion was voted upon and carried.




MOTION: There being no further business to be presented it was moved by Dan McCasky and seconded by Mark Krapf to adjourn the board meeting of the Jefferson County Communications Center Authority board of directors. The motion was voted upon and carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:55am.

This meeting is open to the public.

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