8/16/18- Record of Proceedings-Board of Directors Meeting


Record of Proceedings

Jefferson County Communications Center Authority

Board of Directors

August 16, 2018, 9:00 am

433 S. Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80226


The board meeting of the Jefferson County Communications Center Authority (Jeffcom) was called to order by Jon Greer at 9:01 a.m. This meeting was held in accordance with the applicable statutes of the state of Colorado, at 433 S. Allison Parkway, Lakewood, Colorado.


President Jon Greer (Arvada Fire) Present

Vice President Jeff Shrader (Jeffco Sheriff’s Office) (Proxy Dan Gard) Not Present

Secretary/Treasurer Daniel Brennan (Wheat Ridge PD) Present

Member Link Strate (Arvada PD) Present

Member Mike Weege (EFD) Present

Member Bill Kilpatrick (Golden PD) Present

Member Dan McCasky (Lakewood PD) Present

Member Don Lombardi (West Metro Fire) Present

Other attendees:

Jeff Streeter-Executive Director

Kathryn Winn-Attorney with Collins, Cockrel and Cole

Nancy Weiss-Community Resource of Colorado

Jodi Malpass-Operation Manager

Vicki Pickett-Operations Manager

Gabrielle Rathfon-Jeffcom HR manager

Amanda Adams- Jeffcom Executive Assistant


MOTION: At approximately 9:02am it was moved by Dan Brennan and seconded by Don Lombardi to move into Executive Session pursuant to Sections 24-6-204(4)(e), (b) and (d), C.R.S. for contract negotiations and receiving advice of legal counsel regarding IT security policies and procedures for Member Agencies and Agencies contracts.

MOTION: At approximately 10:49am it was moved by Dan Gard and seconded by Link Strate to reconvene the regular meeting of the Jefferson County Emergency Communications Authority board of directors. The motion was voted upon and carried.

IV. PUBLIC COMMENT – (Limited to 3 minutes each)

  • Valerie Fairbanks: I love what I do and this career is very important to me. I’ve heard concerns from my co-workers. I am concerned to see experienced and competent dispatchers leave every week. Why are they leaving? Retaining employees should be our number one priority. We ask only to be treated fairly in exchange for our hard work in our community. Let’s work together to try and retain employees. PTO accrual is our biggest concern. We don’t even accrue one day of PTO in one month. Please consider our formal request. We are asking for formal vetting of signatures. We are also asking for a special board meeting before Sept. 1st.
  • Fabiola: I reside in Lakewood, CO. I am urging you to stand with your workers and residents. As a resident, I am concerned that they are understaffed and over worked and stressed out. Jeffco residents aren’t getting the service they deserve. It may take 8 min to answer a call and it is disconcerting. I urge you to reconsider the formal request for a union recognition and putting together a special board meeting before Sept. 1st.
  • Jill O’Brian: I was an Arvada Fire dispatcher for 28 years. It’s important that the union be recognized so they have an advocate. They have no one they can talk to regarding what is going on in the communication center. You have experienced people leaving and new people coming in are leaving shortly after. The union would like to have a special meeting with the board to discuss what the plans are for the future before September 1st. We would like a vetting process for those people who signed up for the union. We appreciate your consideration.


MOTION: It was moved by and Dan Brennan seconded by Dan McCasky to approve the record of proceedings of the work session for the board of directors dated July 19, 2018. The motion was voted upon and carried.


A.   Financial and Budget Update – (CRS) Community Resource of Colorado Ms. Angie Kelly

  • 2019 Budget Proposal: The financials included in the board packet are as of July 21st. Third quarter payments are all collected. The revenue will change as we have contributions coming in from JCECA. We are at 73% on consultants. 105% on dues and memberships but we have paid for all of those for the year. Software is at 68%. We do have some savings under employment. Hardware is at 11% you will see some savings in this category. Facility costs are at 59%. Total operational expenditures are at 66%. We are at 43% on employment expenses. Capital outlay will change. Transfer to Capital will be made in the 4th quarter. YTD actual ending fund balance is $364,000.

B.    Executive Director Update – Executive Director Jeff Streeter

  • Introduced Lauren DiGivonni as our new GIS Analyst and welcome her.
  • We have executed RunTime 100. We have given this to all the agencies. We only have West Metro and Wheat Ridge that has executed it. The feedback is that this mapping has assisted in their responses.
  • Staffing Considerations- Brian Wilkerson and Gabrielle Rathfon

What is Jeffcom doing to address our staffing numbers? We are currently 24% understaffed. Every dispatch center is understaffed.

    • As of Monday, we have 6 new people in training. We have reopened the application process and have received 40 applicants. We are doing testing and interviews this week and we’ve shortened our timeline for hiring.
    • Gabrielle Rathfon presented the timeline for getting people through the application process. We can turn background checks around in 2 weeks. We are planning on another academy starting the last week of October.
    • Bess Joyce: Training is a month-long academy, and this involves getting them EMD/EFD certified. Then they are on the floor for 4-6 weeks to get them training on call-taking. There’s really no way at this point to cut down on training time. We have 2 months from the time they walk in the door till they are on the floor taking calls.
    • Brian Wilkerson: Are there ways that we can replenish staff? If we continue at this rate of hiring 8 people a month we will be fully staffed by May 2019. The goal would be to target a 15-20 person training group. In order to do this, we need to try and increase the number of training officers. This is currently in process to help make this work.
    • The biggest challenge for us is scheduling time to train the new dispatchers but still make sure the channels are being covered. We find it important to do the certifications up front in the classroom scheduling rather than doing it before they get on the floor. With this timeline we would be back to mandating overtime.
    • We wanted to get input from the board before we proceed. The board is glad we can show how we plan to get our staffing numbers up. Lakewood PD has offered Jeffcom HR resources and Golden PD has offered to give information on the company they use for backgrounds. This presentation will be emailed to the board.
  • SMS 911 presentation- Vicki Pickett

The law agencies PSAPs provided text to 911 services. For the transition we purchased to integrate SMS 911 into our phone system. Our intent is to get this integrated to the phone system so that anyone who has access to a console has access to this. We don’t have a large number of texts. But this will allow us a bit more flexibility to answer these calls since more dispatchers will have access to it. The annual yearly cost is $14,964.92. But the first year in order to integrate it would be $28,184.32. They won’t be billing us until 2019.

MOTION: It was moved by Dan McCasky and seconded by Dan Gard to approve the expenditure of $28,184.32 to integrate Text to 911 with West Safety Services. The motion was voted upon and carried.

  • The board has been presented with the 2019 budget. We will come back in September for further discussion on the 2019 budget.

C.   Legal Update – Mr. Bob Cole

  • There is no legal business.

D.   Program Management Report – Mr. Brian Wilkerson, Revolution Advisors

  • Backup Center Test Results

We tested the center last week. It took us 3 ½ hours to get it fully stood up. All radio channels, phones, etc were tested. We want to be able to dispatch from laptops using mobile software. We need to buy some additional monitors to cover all the positions.


  • We had a presentation by the union last meeting. On August 9th they gave me a letter of formal request for the board to recognize their union. The board will respond to the union by September 1st on what they will decide.


MOTION: There being no further business to be presented it was moved by Link Strate and seconded by Mike Weege to adjourn the work session of the Jefferson County Communications Center Authority board of directors. The motion was voted upon and carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:34am.

This meeting is open to the public.

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