6/01/2017 – Record of Proceedings – Board of Directors Work Session

Record of Proceedings

Work Session Jefferson County Communications Center Authority (JEFFCOM)

Board of Directors

Thursday, June 1, 2017 – 9:00 a.m.

433 S. Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80226


Meeting called to order by Chief Greer at 9:05 am


Quorum Present:

Chief Weege (Evergreen Fire) Chief Brennan (Wheat Ridge PD)
Sheriff Shrader (Jeffco) Chief Greer (Arvada Fire)
Chief McCasky (Lakewood) Chief Lombardi (West Metro Fire)
Chief Wick (Arvada PD) Chief Hollingsworth alt. for Chief Kilpatrick (Golden PD)

Other Attendees:
Kathryn Wynn (Legal Counsel with Collins, Cockrel, and Cole)
Charity Emery (JEFFCOM HR Manager)

Brian Wilkerson (Revolution Advisors)
Vicki Pickett (Operation Manager)
Jodi Malpass (Operation Manager)


Public comments were solicited and none were received.



Human Resources Update – Charity Emery

Bess Joyce has accepted the position as JEFFCOM Training Manager.

HR Committee has met to review RFP and Personnel Manual.

Interviews for Tech Specialist position will be June 14.

Legal Report – Kathryn Wynn with Collins, Cockrel, and Cole

Currently working on the Interim Executive Director agreement, West Metro lease, and a construction contract with Martinez.

Operations Managers Update

TriTech/DOLF review of the new CAD build; revealed much work that needs to be completed and will begin meeting weekly.

Working on timeline and planning for training to avoid NICHE implementation conflict.

Construction has begun; photos posted on the forum.

Vendor meetings continue with phone, radio, and hardware.

Working on TOC for personnel policies.

Awaiting IT support

Program Management and Remodel Report – Brian Wilkerson with Revolution Advisors
Overall Timeline
The projected ‘go live’ date is February 15, 2018 for the first agencies; second group of agencies March 20, 2018 and third group of agencies April 1, 2018. Looking to install the network the week of July 16, 2017.  The board wanted to ensure that all agencies’ IT departments are aware of the go-live dates.  Need to determine staging of agencies for training schedule.  Arvada Fire would like to go at the same time as Arvada PD and Wheat Ridge PD.

The board asked when the mobile training will take place for our officers.  The mobile install will begin in October with a go live in November.  Training schedule will be firmed up when installation dates are finalized.

Construction is progressing per plan; looking at an on-time completion for Phase 1.

Xcel has confirmed that JEFFCOM will need to increase our transformer size; awaiting design for transformer upgrade from Xcel.

Officer furniture options have been selected; awaiting quote.

TriTech has not yet provided a firm timeline for CAD implementation completion; we are working with TriTech management to try to finalize a timeline.

Exploring potential issue with TriTech disrupting Soundex access for Law Enforcement agencies.

Examining options for CAD Administrator including insourced and outsourced options.

Jefferson County Schools would like to appoint a liaison with JEFFCOM; wants to upgrade a different CAD system and to be a part of JEFFCOM CAD.

Final draft of Network assessment sent to agencies on May 22.
RFQ for Network/Hardware equipment and install under development.

Need to develop a service agreement / SLA for radio support

Backup Center

Need to determine required equipment and hardware to integrate into RFP.
Working to finalize required staffing levels and number of positions.

Projected to Exceed Transition Budget – current projections put the transition approximately $1M over budget.  Working with JCECA on funding mechanisms and examining projected spend.

GIS Support Strategy Undetermined – examining options for GIS support; South Metro support secured through 2017.

CAD Recordings/Records – examining workload associated with pulling CAD recordings and records for District Attorney, etc.

Role Clarity between JEFFCOM and Agencies – need to develop service level agreement that clearly defines roles and service levels.

JFON Administration – looking for a company to potentially maintain and monitor the network with goal of potentially transitioning oversight to JEFFCOM.

Agency programs that leverage CAD data – some agencies have programs that currently draw data directly from the CAD system.  Currently exploring if this data can be pulled from RMS in the future.



  1. Action Item: Vote to approve or disapprove Soundex (TriTech additional cost) 
    JEFFCOM is requesting approval from the Board to obtain a quote from TriTech to have a custom cascading query built, which Golden currently uses and refers to as a Soundex hit.  Financial Impact $24,000.  This will be presented for approval at a future meeting.
  2. Review of Employee Benefits Consultant/Broker RFP, 2017 Budget and Personnel Manual will be reviewed and discussed at a future meeting.
  3. Action Item: Vote to approve or disapprove Interim Executive Director
    Chief Lombardi motioned to approve the contract with Jeff Streeter for the Executive Director with Chief Brennan second; unanimous consent.


Executive Session pursuant to C.R.S. Section 24-6-402(4)(e) for the purposes of determining positions relative to matters that may be subject to negotiations, developing strategy for negotiations, and instructing negotiators concerning interim JEFFCOM leadership.

Chief Lombardi motioned to enter into an Executive Session with Sheriff Shrader second. The Executive Session began at 9:32 am.

Chief Lombardi motioned to exit the Executive Session at 9:47 am with Chief Wick second; unanimous consent.


Sheriff Shrader motioned to adjourn the meeting with Chief Wick second; meeting adjourned at 9:48 am.

This meeting is open to the public.

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