4/19/18- Record of Proceedings-Board of Directors Meeting


Record of Proceedings

Jefferson County Communications Center Authority

Board of Directors

April 19, 2018, 9:00 am

433 S. Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80226



President Jon Greer (Arvada Fire) (Proxy Clay Steward) Not Present

Vice President Jeff Shrader (Jeffco Sheriff’s Office) Present

Secretary/Treasurer Daniel Brennan (Wheat Ridge PD) Present

Member Link Strate (Arvada PD) Present

Member Mike Weege (EFD) Present

Member Bill Kilpatrick (Golden PD) Present

Member Dan McCasky (Lakewood PD) Present

Member Don Lombardi (West Metro Fire) (Proxy Mark Krapf) Not Present

Other attendees:

Jeff Streeter-Executive Director

Kathryn Winn-Attorney with Collins, Cockrel and Cole

Nancy Weiss-Community Resource of Colorado

Amparo Garcia-Revolution Advisor

Brian Wilkerson-Revolution Advisor

Jodi Malpass-Operation Manager

Vicki Pickett-Operations Manager

Pat Purdy-IT Director WMFR

Gabrielle Rathfon-Jeffcom HR manager

Amanda Adams- Jeffcom Executive Assistant


III. PUBLIC COMMENT – (Limited to 3 minutes each)



MOTION: It was moved by Dan McCasky and seconded by Link Strate to approve the record of proceedings of the work session for the board of directors dated April 5, 2018.



A.    Financial and Budget Update – (CRS) Community Resource of Colorado Ms. Angie Kelly

  • March Statement and Update on Expenses
  • All agencies have paid their second quarter payments. To date we’ve not received a contribution from JCECA.
  • West Metro has been paid for IT support.
  • Largest expense so far is salary and benefits.
  • We have an additional TriTech payment coming up.

B.   Executive Director Update – Executive Director Jeff Streeter

  • Thank you to the agencies for their support during Telecommunicators Week.
  • Ground Floor Media: We are going to be addressing our website and doing a large campaign with education. Facebook was our biggest social media push. We will continue to partner with JCECA with this media campaign. We recently did a media release for two of our dispatchers who did an excellent job caring for the citizens of Jefferson County. We have released this through our social media channels.
  • Call numbers: April 1st until April 19th -Total calls in that time frame was 36,569. Average wait was 10 seconds, which is the national average.
  • Calls for service: Total calls entered into CAD was presented on a chart by agency.
  • Jeffcom will be providing monthly analytical report for the agencies to get an idea where we are at with calls for each agency. This report will probably come the first week of very month. We are just providing the data so you can find the info that you need for your respective agencies.
  • We will be doing a class for the agencies on CAD and how to navigate this as well as a class on GIS mapping. Agencies will be able to access the CAD through the internet and pull their own call times.
  • We are making sure we are addressing issues across the agencies rather than just individual agencies. We are constantly adjusting processes to continue to move through these issues. We will help to push out information to you in order to combat the negative feedback that is occurring.
  • Where are we on setting up a central fire dispatch, station alerting? West Net has not got the system correct and it has caused delays. We will stand up central fire without West Net by verbal dispatching.
  • Hiring and Training update: We hired 4 new people last week and they are going through the academy. We have 3 more people starting on May 7th. We have a total of 10 new people in training. We are working on scheduling modules to hopefully reduce the amount of overtime hours.

C.    Legal Update – Mrs. Kathryn Winn

  • Review and Approve-Revising Meeting Schedule Resolution

MOTION: It was moved by Dan McCasky and seconded by Mike Weegeto approve the resolution to move the board meetings once a month on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

D.   Program Management Report – Mr. Brian Wilkerson, Revolution Advisors

  • The major focus is getting the Backup Center to its next level of completion. The electrical upgrade is happening this evening. Once that’s complete we will begin to physically set up the center.







MOTION: There being no further business to be presented it was moved by Dan McCasky and seconded by Mike Weege to adjourn the work session of the Jefferson County Communications Center Authority board of directors. The motion was voted upon and carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:44am .


Recording Secretary: Amanda Adams- Executive Assistant

This meeting is open to the public.

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