11/20/17- Record of Proceedings-Board of Directors Work Session


Work Session Agenda

Jefferson County Communications Center Authority

Board of Directors

November 20, 2017, 10:00 am

Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80226


The board meeting of the Jefferson County Communications Center Authority (Jeffcom) was called to order by Jon Greer at 10:00 a.m. This meeting was held in accordance with the applicable statutes of the state of Colorado, at 433 S. Allison Parkway, Lakewood, Colorado.


President Jon Greer (Arvada Fire) Present

Vice President Jeff Shrader (Jeffco Sheriff’s Office) Present

Secretary/Treasurer Daniel Brennan (Wheat Ridge PD) Present

Member Don Wick (Arvada PD) Present

Member Mike Weege (EFD) Present

Member Bill Kilpatrick (Golden PD) Present

Member Dan McCasky (Lakewood PD) Present

Member Don Lombardi (West Metro Fire) Present


Other attendees:

Jeff Streeter-Executive Director

Kathryn Winn-Attorney with Collins, Cockrel and Cole

Nancy Weiss-Community Resource of Colorado

Amparo Garcia-Revolution Advisor

Brian Wilkerson-Revolution Advisor

Vicki Pickett-Operations Manager

Pat Purdy-IT Director WMFR

Gabrielle Rathfon-Jeffcom HR manager

Amanda Adams- Jeffcom Executive Assistant




  1. November 2, 2017 Work Session Minutes

MOTION: It was moved by Don Wick and seconded by Dan Brennan to approve the record of proceedings of the work session for the board of directors dated November 2, 2017, with corrections to be made to section V, C (2) to read Arvada Police and Lakewood and the addition of section V, C (3) to minutes. The motion was voted upon and carried.

Corrections made by A. Adams on 11/20/17.


A. Financial and Budget Update – (CRS) Community Resource of Colorado Ms. Nancy Weiss

  1. Presentation/ Discussion, 2018 Draft Budget Proposal
  2. Nancy Weiss presented the 2018 proposed Jeffcom budget. This budget was built on the 10.5 million that the member agencies will be contributing. Jon Greer asked that the finalized budget be only for the 2018 year.
  3. The draft budget proposal by Jeff Streeter will be voted upon for approval at the December 7th board meeting. This budget is built on the 10.5 million that the board agreed upon at the 11/2/17 board meeting. There is also a 1.7 million capital included in the budget.
  4. Discussion ensued regarding what amount should be left in the capital fund; and whether the agencies will be reimbursed for the remaining amount. After discussion, Jon Greer stated that the board will fund it at the presented 10.5 million and then re-evaluate this during the second quarter. The board will consider possibly lowering the member contributions.
  5. Jeffcom will be invoicing the member agencies so they can deposit contributions into an account by the first of the year to process payroll for Jeffcom employees on January 12, 2018.

B. Executive Director Update – Executive Director Jeff Streeter

  1. Jeffcom presented an outlined transition plan and will come forward later with a more detailed plan.
  2. Discipline, grievance and conflict policies have been built.
  3. Organizational charts for each agency have been built. We are creating an overall organizational chart for budgeting purposes.
  4. Amparo Garcia presented a project plan and timeline for all the activities going on to get us operational. There will also be a detailed transition plan in place by the January 1st cut over date.
  5. Operations will continue in the agencies and won’t transition until their cut over date. Main changes they will see is scheduling due to staffing. We expect employees to continue to report to their supervisors and those supervisors will communicate over to Jeffcom.

C. Legal Update – Mr. Bob Cole, Esq. and Ms. Kathryn Winn, Esq.

  1. Kathryn Winn-We are continuing to work on the transition license agreement with Jeffco. They have had some comments on the service level agreement as well.
  2. Bob Cole is setting up a meeting with the agencies to work through some questions regarding records. There should be more info on this in December.
  3. If individual agencies are good with the agreement as is then they can move forward with signing it.
  4. Bob Cole was going to offer legal counsel on the strength and enforceability of the agreements.
  5. The financial policies are being looked at by legal and were condensed to what is now the purchasing and investment policies.
  6. The board requested from legal that there be some consistency with who attends the board meetings to help with the communication between the two parties.

D. Program Management Report – Mr. Brian Wilkerson, Revolution Advisors

  1. There are potential changes to the SLAs. Bryan will be meeting with each agency regarding these and will bring any unresolved issues to the board.
  2. Discussion was brought up on whether the agencies should monetarily deduct from their contribution if service levels from the agreement aren’t being met by Jeffcom. There was no resolution to this discussion.
  3. Jeff Streeter assured the board that the service will still be quality and Jeffcom will do whatever we can to make this happen. We will continue to re-evaluate things as we go to make this work.
  4. There is currently a 6-month period in the SLA where there is no penalty. It’s suggested (by Jon Greer) that this stay in the SLA since there is going to be a transition period.
  5. Bryan Wilkerson and legal will get together to determine how to appropriately make changes in the SLA based on this discussion.

E. IT Update – Mr. Pat Purdy

  1. Everything is on track. Hardware instillation starts 11/27/17.

F. Human Resources Update – Ms. Gabrielle Rathfon

  1. Open enrollment begins 11/21/17 and the deadline to enroll is 12/12/17.
  2. Hiring update: We are in the process of critical testing for ECS candidates. We have 4 ECS candidates going through oral boards on 11/29/17.
  3. Part time offer letters will be going out and need to be returned by 12/9/17. If there are some full-time positions that we need filled it will come from our part time employees.
  4. To date we have received 125 offer letters back.



  1. Bill Kilpatrick asked for legal to send him the transition agreement.



MOTION: There being no further business to be presented it was moved by John Greer and seconded by Mike Weege to adjourn the work session of the Jefferson County Communications Center Authority board of directors. The motion was voted upon and carried.

The meeting adjourned at 11:37am.


Recording Secretary: Amanda Adams- Executive Assistant

This meeting is open to the public.

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