1/4/18- Record of Proceedings-Board of Directors Work Session


Regular Meeting Agenda

Jefferson County Communications Center Authority

Board of Directors

January 4, 2018, 9:00 am

433 S. Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80226


The board meeting of the Jefferson County Communications Center Authority (Jeffcom) was called to order by Jon Greer at 9:00 a.m. This meeting was held in accordance with the applicable statutes of the state of Colorado, at 433 S. Allison Parkway, Lakewood, Colorado.


President Jon Greer (Arvada Fire) Present

Vice President Jeff Shrader (Jeffco Sheriff’s Office) (Proxy Dan Guard) Not Present

Secretary/Treasurer Daniel Brennan (Wheat Ridge PD) Present

Member Link Strate (Arvada PD) Present

Member Mike Weege (EFD) Present

Member Bill Kilpatrick (Golden PD) Present

Member Dan McCasky (Lakewood PD) Present

Member Don Lombardi (West Metro Fire) Present


Other attendees:

Jeff Streeter-Executive Director

Kathryn Winn-Attorney with Collins, Cockrel and Cole

Nancy Weiss-Community Resource of Colorado

Amparo Garcia-Revolution Advisor

Brian Wilkerson-Revolution Advisor

Jodi Malpass-Operation Manager

Vicki Pickett-Operations Manager

Pat Purdy-IT Director WMFR

Gabrielle Rathfon-Jeffcom HR manager

Amanda Adams- Jeffcom Executive Assistant



MOTION: It was moved by Dan Brennan and seconded by Mike Weege to approve the record of proceedings of the work session for the board of directors dated December 21, 2017.


A. Financial and Budget Update – (CRS) Community Resource of Colorado Ms. Angie Kelly

  • Jeff Streeter updated that we closed out our 2017 budget. CRS has been working closely with JCECA to finalize billing and payments.
  • There are still a few outstanding payments for the 1st quarter. We have received all service user payments except for CSM.

B. Executive Director Update – Executive Director Jeff Streeter

  • Six agencies cut over to Jeffcom on midnight of January 1st. No issues to report. They are all set up in benefits and payroll.
  • Shift bids are underway. They are coming over on the shifts that they are currently on. Supervisor bids are completed. The seniority list has taken a few more adjustments.
  • JCECA and Jeffcom have partnered together to work with Ground Floor Media on marketing Jeffcom. We will do an open house with media present on the last week in January. Media press packets will go out in the next week. Our website will also be changing. This is an aggressive media approach with a large educational stance. There will be a presentation next meeting on the media release.

C. Legal Update – Mrs. Kathryn Winn

  • Designation of Posting Location (Resolution No. 2018-01) We are proposing a designated posting location. No change in location.

MOTION: It was moved by Don Lombardi and seconded by Dan Brennan to approve the posting as presented. The motion was voted upon and carried.

  • Resolution Setting the Regular Meeting Schedule (Resolution No. 2018-02) The meeting schedule was taken out of the by-laws. It’s now set for the 1st and 3rd Thursday and will probably change in the near future. We will do another resolution if and when you would like to change this.

MOTION: It was moved by Dan Brennan and seconded by Don Lombardi to approve the resolution as presented. The motion was voted upon and carried.

  • Board Bylaws (for review and possible approval) We took the changes that were discussed last meeting and added those. The substantive change was adding a more definitive budget schedule.

MOTION: It was moved by Don Lombardi and seconded by Mike Weege to approve the board by-laws as presented. The motion was voted upon and carried.

D. Program Management Report – Mr. Brian Wilkerson, Revolution Advisors

  • The big focus is making sure we have all the agencies Exhibit A’s finished.
  • Operations managers are working on SOPs.
  • We will start standing up the backup center. We also have to build out the procedures and do a test on that.

E. IT Update – Mr. Pat Purdy

  • IT projects are all on schedule. JFON fiber is splicing this week and will give us a solid connection to the backup center.
  • The JFON fiber will not be used for cameras and video monitoring.


  • Jeff Irvin updated that JCECA has directed him to reschedule their board meeting. JCECA is working on getting that moved to the 4th Thursday of every month.



MOTION: There being no further business to be presented it was moved by Jon Greer and seconded by Link Strate to adjourn the work session of the Jefferson County Communications Center Authority board of directors. The motion was voted upon and carried.

Meeting was adjourned 9:17am.

This meeting is open to the public.

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